French Music #1

This article is to introduce you to some french bands or singer that you might not know about and you might like !

Here are a few ones that  I like and you can see in concert easily in France, but I am warning you it is expensive (an average of 50 €, so about 66 $ at least, and not seated). By the way most of the concerts are non-seated, it depends of the kind of music but most of the time it will be “placement libre” so “go wherever you wanna go”.

The best deal is to go to festivals during the summer or to find the small concert scenes and pubs in the city you are.

I listen to british rock/indie rock and house/electro/french touch, some dub step and sometimes classic rock/soul/jazz. But I like discovering new artist who doesn’t fit in these categories so if you think of someone I could like tell me 🙂

Chanson Française / French singer, songwriter:

  • Brigitte,

Here is what their myspace says about their band, “A throwback to the flower power era, ’60s revivalists Brigitte are a French female duo combining lounge-pop, retro folk, and French cabaret to produce an authentic hippie-chic sound.”

Below is the video of the song “Battez-vous”,  to listen more of them (in english) :

  • Bénabar,

He writes about the everyday life, popular themes, his songs are quite often funny (the teenager, when the girlfriend moves in…). The main theme are friends, girls, love, life, death… Some of his songs are a direct reference to his childhood or experiences he had. I quite like him, I saw him in concert it was great, he has an amazing energy on stage.

Below is the videoclip to one of his most famous song in France “Le diner”, to listen to more of his songs his Vevo account :

his website (in french)

  • Thomas Dutronc,

The kind of music he plays is called “Jazz manouche” in french, it is a style born in 1930 without drums and quite fast rythm (to know more about this visit the wikipage). He writes about many things, more everyday life.

Below is the videoclip of his song “Demain”, to know more about him his website in english

  • M,

Known in France as Mathieu Chedid, M is the name of his character on stage, his style is more rock than the other singers above, he writes amazing lyrics, very poetic and he also wrote a musical called the Pink Soldier. I didn’t get the change to see him in concert but I have a live dvd of him and it is quite amazing.

Below is the song “Qui de nous deux”, if you want to know more here is wiki page in english

and here is the link to his website in french,


source image featured: sud-ouest, Garorock 2013


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