Bastille Day in Philly

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Bastille Day, spectacle de recréation de la prise de la Bastille, qui a lieu devant une vraie prison plus utilisée transformée en musée (bientôt un article dessus). Pas du tout historique le spectacle, mené par Edith Piaf avec les monuments de Paris, Napoléon, Jeanne d’Arc ou encore Baguette. Dans le diaporama vous pourrez voir quelques photos du spectacle les comédiens étaient super et le texte très moderne, avec des paroles sur le maire de Philadelphie, le temps, la ville et les Pussy Riot ! qui empêchent Edith Piaf de guillotiner Marie-Antoinette.

Un moment sympas qu’il ne faut pas prendre au sérieux, il est monnaie courante de rire de pleins de choses ici et c’est un moyen original d’intéresser les gens à l’histoire de France. Mais je peux comprendre que des gens trouvent le spectacle un peu offensant par certains côtés, ce n’est pas mon cas.

Par contre c’est assez impressionnant de recevoir des gâteaux par centaines…

L’événement est sponsorisé par une marque de petits gâteaux genre madeleines, en rapport avec la phrase qu’aurait prononcé Marie-Antoinette “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche !” mais on est pas sûrs.

Voici une vidéo pour mieux comprendre, pour voir les gâteaux voler c’est à 7:19, source Youtube.

Bastille Day is a show which reenacts the take of the Bastille in Paris the 14th of July 1789. Not at all accurate, the show led by Edith Piaf with the help of monuments of Paris, Napoleon, Joan of Arc or Bread. In the slideshow you can see some of the pictures I took. The actors were great and the lyrics very modern, with words about the city, the mayor, the weather, and Pussy Riot ! who stopped Edith Piaf from decapitate Marie-Antoinette.

A fun and nice moment that you don’t have to take seriously, it is usual here to laugh about many different things and it is a different way to get people interested in the History of France. However I do understand that some people might find it offending, which is not my case. But when you think about it, this event even if we tend to forget what it represents is a big deal for our History, it was the day we started to rebel against the state.

Anyways the envent is sponsorised by a cake company and it was kinda scary to receive many cakes on us ! It comes from the sentence Marie-Antoinette would have said “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” which is translated to “Let them eat cake”.

Actually the words were written by Rousseau about a princess with no name, so nobody know really.

If you want to know more about the true story of Bastille Day keep scrolling down !

Here is a video for better understanding, to see the cakes fly it is at 7:19, source Youtube.

Bastille day, happened the 14th of July, it is the first event of the French Revolution which lasted until november 1799 with the coup d’Etat by Napoleon Bonaparte.

The event was known accross Europe until Imperial Russia, it was the collapse of royal administration.

After the French Revolution, absolute monarchy was replaced by constitutional monarchy  and then by the first Republic. It gave to France the “Déclaration des Droits de l’homme et du citoyen“, “Declaration of the man and the citizen’s Rights”.

Today we celebrate our National Day on 14th of July because of that event, and it was decided in 1880 that from now on we would celebrate this every year.

When people think of the French Revolution they think of the guillotine and the blue blooded people guetting decapitated. 

It is right it happened during a period of time called the “Terreur”, (Terror), a lot of people died during that time. The exact dates of beginning are not known, some say 1789, others in 1792 but we know it ended the 28th july of 1794 with the fall of Robespierre.

Monarchy ends the 10th of August 1792, the civil war is going in France and the state is governed by a power using strength, inequality and repression targeted towards all the political oppsants qualified as “anti-revolutionaries”. Many different political groups fight against each other.

Around 500 000 persons are arrested and 100 000 are executed of victims of massacre, within them 17 000 people guillotined, others shot, etc.

The end of those dark times was the execution of Robespierre, emblematic and controversial figure of the Revolution. The Terror government is dismantled.

The first Republic lasted from 1792 until 1804 and had three different shapes of government. But that is another story.

Now you know what is the French Revolution, Bastille Day and why the guillotine.


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