The Fracs

What is a Frac ? What does the letters stand for ?

Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain  /    Regional Fund of Contemporary Art

Created in 1982 by Jack Lang (ministry of Culture) there is one in every region in France.

Their goal is to promote the contemporary art in France they get funds by the government through different institutions, region and state.

Their missions are divided in 3 :

1 – to gather an ensemble of contemporary art in the region and support the creation by the joined action of buying art pieces and ordering art pieces. Every region can decide to specialize in a particular category of contemporary art.

2 – Spreading widely the fund in the region by getting more regulare partnerships. The institutional cultural establishement of the region and municipalities and school are concerned.

3 – To raise awareness in the different audiences to the contemporary artistic approaches by setting pedagogical actions (museum education) like guided tours, hosting groups with professional speakers, lectures, meet-ups with the artists.

They are also a way to connect to audiences outside of center cities who don’t always get a chance to experience contemporary art.

In 2013 the Frac are 30 years-old so they are organizing many events to celebrate.

For 30 years, the 23 Fracs have acquired more than 26 000 art works created by 4 200 artists (who 56,5% are French) and each year the ensemble of their projects (around 600) reaches out to more than 1 million people.

The project is working so well that some Frac this year are being either rebuilt or getting new housing, designed by amazing architects.

But of course you can’t please everyone. Some Frac have a special architecture that might be hard to connect with or to appreciate or to work in. Because the place is dedicated to contemporary art the Frac has to have a representative architecture.

01_vue_de_la_facade_sud_ouest_Credit_Odile_Decq_-_LabtopThe new Frac Bretagne which opened 6 months ago, I don’t like the architecture, too dark for me.

Also they are quite independant sot hey don’t all work the same way. For example the museum education (which as a reminder is called Cultural Mediation in France) in some will be called the Educative Department.
And another one the Public Department and another one the Pedagogical Department, and it creates confusion for the audiences.

This amazing idea opened the doors of contemporary  art to the audiences and it is the job of the Museum Educator, to achieve the goals of this project.

Meca-Batiment-jourthe project of the future Frac in Bordeaux


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