NYC – The MoMa, my honest review

Let’s do this again ! I already reviewed the Metropolitan Museum you can check it here.

On my last trip to NYC I went to the MoMa which was a dream come true I have to say. Known through the world as a finest place for Modern and Contemporary Art the MoMa has put together amazing exhibitions. So I wanted to see what they did with their permanent collection. Is it the same as the Met with no information at all ? or is it different ? dare I say better ? Let’s find out !


1. The coat check

Me and my backpack needed to be a part the time of the visit. I wanted to be nice and light to enjoy the art while taking pictures. So I went to the coat room, they told me that of course I could leave my backpack but I needed to take my wallet and my phone and any other estimed valuables of the backpack. So basically all my stuff. Good thing my friend had pockets.

2. The rule that I did not understand

You can’t sit on the floor and there are no seats besides the first floor.

Should I explain myself ? Because for me it says it all. Let’s see several examples of different situations :

a) you are not feeling well, dizzy, you need to sit, you have to walk through all the rooms to find a place to sit. And I did not see a lot of places to sit, at all.

b) you are with your kids who are tired to visit the museum and want to sit down for a few seconds. Nope you can’t.

c) you are an art student who needs to sit so he can draw something. Nope you can’t.

d) there is an art performance everybody is gathered, still you can’t sit. Actually when I was at the museum there was one going on it was confusing because in some rooms you could sit and in others you couldn’t.

I just went to the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia and it is not written on their website but if they wanted they could ask the public to not sit in the galleries. Because their rooms are really narrow, although to prevent this you can find seating in every single room. The ones at the MoMa are quite wide.

Now the good stuff :

1. More info


There was more info than at the Met which was awesome still not enough for me, if you want to learn more you need to get the audioguide. But good point for that, there was panel in some of the rooms like the one picture above and also some text below the artworks’information.


2. The Education and Family information

A special information desk dedicated for Children and Families, that is a brilliant idea. There is also and education center unfortunately I had not got the time go check it out.

The desk are well-located you can’t miss them and they have a great thing : ART CARD. I have to be honest I took all the ones I saw. So many colors my eyes could not resist it. I have to say I was impressed by everything created for the families.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-07 à 21.46.36source museum’s website

You can go check out the rest of them here.

I wish some of that would be actually turned to be used by adults as well.I live for the day to create and adult scavenger hunt at work in a museum. I would enjoy it so much.

Anyways back to the art cards. They are fun, colorfull, not too big, made of cardboard (so they can resist a little time) and you can collect them. And we all know kids love to collect stuff, who doesn’t ?

A really great idea is the “Family visits” flyer, on it you have tips and things to do at the museum. What to do during the visit, how to plan it and what to do afterwards. The best one is the “Ideas for looking at art with kids. That is a great ressource.

  1. Ask your kids questions while looking at works of art, such as: What do you see? What do you see in the art that makes you say that?
  2. Look closely! Ask your kids to name the colors, describe the texture, or list the materials that the artist used.
  3. Explore the architecture of the Museum building. What do you see from the windows? How many bridges do you cross?
  4. Play “I Spy” to identify shapes, colors, and objects in works of art.
  5. Bring paper and a pencil to sketch in the galleries. Write a story or poem. Create a conversation between the characters in a work of art.
  6. Design your visit around a topic or theme, such as people, places, or things.
  7. Use your imaginations! Ask your kids what they would see, smell, or hear if they were inside a work of art.
  8. Look at the wall label and read the title of the artwork. Does the title match what you think the work is about? What would you name it? Why?
  9. View a work of art from different distances. Does it look different up close than it did from far away?
  10. Be creative! Invent your own game.

source : MoMa’s websiteTo know more about that flyer go here.

Basically I had an awesome time, although it is kind of hard to visit a museum on a Sunday after well having enjoyed the NYC night life might I say.

I got to be a nerd fan and strike a pose in front of a few of my favorite artworks. To finally see the Jasper Johns American Flag or the one with the bed by Rauschenberg, that was so cool. And I also discover some great artist I did not know so it was a really great experience. My only regret is to not had the time to go to the Education Center and we did not see the Magritte Temporay Exhibition. However not really a regret because the Magritte Museum is in Brussels which is pretty close to Paris, so I’ll try to go sometime.

That’s one of my top 3 rooms, De Stijl, amazing collection. I really enjoy that movement especially since the Centre Pompidou did an amazing temporary exhibition on it in 2010.



There was other great galleries, one on design, the one with Hopper and others but I really wanted to focus on the permanent collection.

Coming next the artist I discovered and liked during my visit and why because that is the fun part.

To know more about the MoMa it is here. Featured image on homepage by Timothy Hursley source facebookpage of MoMa.

and because I am a museum nerd I bought the catalog and this.

Thanks for reading !


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