Movie Review – The Painting, Le Tableau

This movie is supposed to be for children but when I first saw the images I thought this is so beautifull I want to watch it.

I have to say the story caught my attention as well.  Here is the synopsis.

A castle, some flowery gardens, a threatening forest, here is what a Painter, for mysterious reasons left unfinished. In this painting live three kinds of characters : the Alldone, who are all painted, the Halfies to which it lacks a few colors, and the Sketchies who are only outlined. Finding themselves superiors to the others the Alldone take over, evict the Halfies from the castle and enslave the Sketchies. Convinced that only the Painter can bring the harmony back by finishing the painting, Ramo, Lola and Plume decide to go search for him. Along the way questions will come : what happened to the Painter ? Why did he leave them ? Why did he start destroying some of his paintings !? Will they find out the Painter’s secret ?

The movie is just beautifull, the drawings are amazing and the poetry just makes you want to enter the film. It is a true tale not the Disney or the Fairy one, it is more mysterious and unique.

Some of the drawings will remind you of some artists for me the forest was inspired by the Douanier Rousseau. And the character’s aesthetic by Matisse, especially the ones with the blue-tones, but also Gauguin and overall the Fauvistes.

If you are baby-sitting or you have kids or a little sister/brother, etc. I can only recomment to watch it with them. It is also a very good way to talk with them about art, colors, travelling, but also questionning yourself.

While looking for pictures online I also read it could be understood as a metaphore of childhood with the different stages and the relationships with adults.

Directed by Jean-François Laguionie, it is French and Belgium, got out in 2011. It got a nomination for Best Animated Movie at the Cesars (French equivalent of the Oscars).

Here is the trailer in English, I saw that it is available on Netflix.

Source for the images and info in French about the movie


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