Nuit blanche 2014 Paris (english version)

This is an english translated version of my latest post.

As you just read last weekend I went on a walk through the nuit blanche, saturday october 4th, from 5:00pm to 6:00 am (yep all night). I started around 8:00pm and was over by 5:00 am, looooong night.

If you don’t know what the nuit blanche is let me explain. During one night in Paris the city is invaded by art, inaccessible places, abandonned ones, are opened to the public and invite the discovery. Everybody goes out, youngsters, old people, families, it is autumn, it is cold but everybody gathers around the artists of tomorrow, of today. This year the Nuit Blanche was thought as a GRA : Grande Randonnée Artistique (Great Artistic Hike). With my map I was able to explore some of the 6 walks organized.

The “médiation” (social practice, art education, …) was at the center of the event, clothed with beautiful white k-ways the nice “médiateurs” answered all the questions from the audiences in each places. Bravo to them for keeping the smile and the energy to go through the night.

The families who had to go home earlier were able to keep on the experience on sunday with a brunch between 10:00am and 1:00pm. I am telling you this but I can’t testify for it because you know at 10:00am I was still sleeping…

So here are the walks I took…

Les futurs composés

Little advice for the people of my generation who don’t have a tight schedule (kids, work on sunday,etc.) go there around midnight. Because I went around 8:00pm and it wasn’t the best idea : 1h45 of wait, just to see the first two performances in center city. Next year I’ll start my tour with the open-air artworks and the ones with more restricted access I’ll go between 2:00am and 5:00am.

IMG_0909Three artists were part of this walk : Tsai Ming-Liang, Motoi Yamamoto and Hicham Berrada.

The first had a video showed on the front of a famous store (BHV) and I have to say I had very much trouble watching it. You are waiting in line not in front of the screen, I though it was a shame that they did not try to make the line face it. In addition it was located at a very active crossroad so the video was kind of drowned by the noise and the people around.

Inside the city hall was Hicham Berrada doing a performance, this young artist just came back from the Villa Médicis, he was presenting a video really esthetical and dreamlike. Standing between biology and art, the artist presented a live interaction of emulsions made from different chimicals, and these were illustrated with sound thanks to the musician Laurent Durupt. A pure moment of zen in the middle of the Nuit Blanche’s frenetic life.

Hicham Berrada Nuit Blanche Hicham Berrada Nuit Blanche Hicham Berrada Nuit BlancheSo there we were crossing the square courtyard of city hall…tadam another waiting line. But that’s okay we could enjoy the place’s architecture. For once we took a few minutes to admire around ourselves hoping of the train of ours busy lives…

Nuit BlancheAnd then we proceeded to the next performance : Motoi Yamamoto. Still in this zen spirit we discover in this room an artist creating a drawing with salt. Source of life, many symbolics in different cultures it is both fragile and hard as a rock, infinitely small or great. Natural resource mastered by men, the artist uses it as a medium. The performance was over at 6:00am sunday morning and the few lucky (or brave) ones being there were able to take each a handfull of salt in order to then throw it back at the sea. The pattern which you can see below represents a labyrinth, “it works” as the “médiatrice” told me, it has an entrance and a way out. I am very proud to say that I found one actually…


Motoi Yamamoto Nuit Blanche Motoi Yamamoto Nuit Blanche Motoi Yamamoto Nuit Blanche Motoi Yamamoto Nuit Blanche

Open Musée street-art-contemporain

For this one it would be hard for me to mention all the artists presented, first because they were quite numerous and then because I did not see it all, finally because my level of concentration was better at 8:00pm than how it was at 4:00am.

But I still invite you to let you drift by the courant and discover the few images and informations on the artists who struck me. This walk offerd an open-air museum gathering propositions by young artists issued from the contemporary art world, numerical art but also street art.

Nice beginning with Pablo Valbuena, genious idea to invest that space, kind of an abandonned hangar it creates a dark tunnel. The artist installed a serie of lights called Kinematope created especially for the Nuit Blanche. The place is actually train tracks which are still closed for the new trainstation Austerlitz, during 500 meters the spectator is transported in a parallel universe. There is a video of this artwork on my instagram account because I can’t post it here, I really need to consider upgrading my blog these days…


Another interesting piece is the one of Sambre, an open wall, an arch, created for the Nuit Blance made from reclaimed materials. A sort of chaos meticulously arranged. I also liked the organic aspect of the wood in the architectural industrial universe.

Sambre Nuit BlancheI let you discover the rest of the walk in images… To know more about the rest of the artist I invite you to visit the website of the city of Paris :

Nuit Blanche Nuit Blanche Nuit Blancheartistes street art : Mademoiselle Maurice, Brusk, Dan 23, STF Moscato, Jean Faucheur, Rouge et les Monkey-Bird, invités par Jef Aérosol.

Nuit BlancheEsther Stocker, Disobedient Lines

Nuit Blanche

Jan Vormann, Dispatchwork

Nuit Blanche

Yz, Lost in the city-ornament

Nuit BlancheThomas Canto, Perspective Lines

Et en conclusion une petite vidéo des moments forts faite par la ville de Paris…

Also here is the gallery of the artist Sambre they have a few articles about his installation for the Nuit Blanche, like behind the scenes :



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